Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows differ from single-hung in that they offer the homeowner the ability to open each sash, rather than just the bottom sash. This allows for better air flow and ventilation.

Easy to clean windows

Having the option to tilt each sash makes cleaning easier. Property owners that need windows above the ground floor are able to tilt the sashes inward when they need to clean both the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass without the need for special tools or a professional window cleaning service to do the task.

Double Hung Windows provide superior ventilation

Although price of single hung windows is less initially, the expenses over time linked with replacing mold and mildew damage caused by excessive moisture can run much higher. In rooms that require extra ventilation because of moisture like bathrooms an kitchens double hung windows will save you money in the long term.

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Double-hung windows

have got two sashes which slide up and down past one another.
Designed with traditional weight and pulley systems are the most durable and also the most serviceable window type. These windows come apart to replace sash-cords (ropes). The double-hung window, was created to allow easy cleaning of the outside of the glass, as well allows for air flow while offering child safety. When both the lower and upper sashes are able to open and close freely, a person can not only open the upper window for venting, but it is now possible to easily wash both sashes from inside by simply sliding both panes to different positions.

Enhance the beauty of your home today

Get that exact look you want with custom designed colors and styles. We do not only make your home look beautiful but we lower your energy bills with your new energy-efficient siding as well! Contact us today for FREE estimate!

Double-Hung windows are one of the most popular styles for homeowners.

The window can be operated from the bottom or top sash, sliding up and down for ventilation. Since it opens and closes without protruding, double-hung windows are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios. Milgard double-hung tilt windows have sashes that tilt inward to enable easy cleaning of the exterior glass.

Have a drafty window?

How we repair old drafty windows that rattle varies from one project to the next. In general, Victorian constructions here have settled, often significantly. While we have a window apart we use a hand plane to create the best fit along the top and bottom edges of sashes to create a tight fit and to reduce drafts. To further reduce drafts as well as outside noise, we apply traditional bronze weatherstriping. while reassembling each window, we carefully fit things together tight as possible while still allowing windows to open and close smoothly.

Explore double-hung windows within a Milgard product line or by frame material below.

Essence Series®

Experience the revolutionary design of all natural wood paired with a fiberglass exterior frame.

Tuscany® Series

A beautiful, premium vinyl window crafted from Milgard's proprietary formula.

Montecito® Series

Montecito Series® vinyl windows are specially designed for new construction.

Quiet Line™ Series

Exceptional sound control in midst of the busiest environments

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See Our Single Hung Windows

When extra ventilation isn't necessary single hung windows are an affordable alternative.

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